Hossein Eftekhary Davallo



Hossein Eftekhary Davallo received his B.Sc. and M. Sc. degrees from University of Guilan in Mechanical Engineering. His investigation, as graduate student, was “Measurement Drift Compensation Using Multi-sensor Data Fusion Based on Soft-Computing Approach”. His thesis was established by experimental data obtained from a powerplant.  His research in the ISAC lab focuses on Fault compensation, Data fusion, Data mining, pattern recognition, Process Design Optimization, Intelligent Control System Design, Process Modeling, Artificial Intelligence, Process Control, Fault Detection and Fault Diagnosis.

Email: he600@yahoo.com


Eftekhary Davallo, A. chaibakhsh, N. Nariman zadeh, A.Ramezani, R. Bahrevar “Measurement drift compensation of super heater’s output temperature by neural network”, University of Guilan Congress, December 6-9 2015, Rasht, Guilan.