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The Intelligent System and Advanced Control Laboratory was established in 2016 by Ali Chaibakhsh, in University of Guilan. This laboratory is a home of research on intelligent systems and their applications. A major part of researches focused on modeling, control and fault diagnosis on industrial systems with special emphasis on power plant and large-scale systems.  Hereby, five research groups including PowerGen, Bionic,  Networked-System Research, Process Safety and Automation, Acoustic and Vibration were established. Research on a new aspect of intelligent systems applications in the design of brain-machine interface systems as the new goal of this center, was a reason for establishing a new Bionics research group. This lab has more than 25 staffs including B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. students and research assistants.
– Scientific and research competitions based on ethical and professional principles
– Conservation of assigned resources for outlaying the research grants
– Commitment to work and professional ethics on research ideas and projects