Pouya Parsa



Pouya Parsa was born on March 19st 1992 in Rasht, Iran. He received his BS (fluid Mechanics/Mechanical Engineering) and MS (Applied Design-Control/Mechanical Engineering) in 2014 and 2017 respectively from University of Guilan, Rasht, Iran. In 2010 he was among the top 3% of over 317605 participants in Iran’s national entrance examination of universities (in the field of mathematics and physics) and granted free educational scholarship from Iran’s government. Currently, he is working as RA and TA in University of Guilan, Rasht.
His earlier works were in the field of Impact Engineering and Thin-Walled Structures. He has worked on the behavior of strain sensitive thin-walled energy absorption systems under different strain rates and later he began to work on water jet spot welding process.
in Jan 2014 he joined the research team of Dr. Ali Chaibakhsh from the University of Guilan, Rasht.