Moein Radman

Signal proccesing, mimo control systems

Moein Radman received his B.Sc. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Guilan, Iran, in 2012. He also received his M. Sc. degree in Mechanical Engineering from K. N. Toosi University of Technology , Iran, in 2015 under supervision of Professor A.Ghaffari. He is currently a Phd student in mechanical engireering at University of Guilan,Iran, under supervision of Professor N.Narimanzade and Dr. Ali Chaibakhsh.  His research interests include;Nonlinear control, MIMO control systems, Dynamical modeling of Mechanical systems,Biomechanics, fuzzy systems,Optimal Control. 


1.Radman, m., Chaibakhsh, A., Ghaffari, A., Development and Simulation of a Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis System for Siemens V94.2 Gas Turbine, 23th International Conference on Mechanical Engineering(ISME2015)
2.Poursharif, z., Radman, m., Numerical investigation on heat transfer of non-Newtonian nanofluids in shell side of double-pipe heat exchanger with helical fins under heat flux boundary condition, journal of modeling in engineering,2015
3.Radman, m., Adaptive Fuzzy control of the rotational double inverted pendulum, 8th Conference on Mechanical Engineering, University of Guilan, 2014