Amirreza Tootchi

Advanced Control Theories, Fault Tolerant Control, Mechatronics

Amirreza Tootchi has achieved his M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering (Dynamics and Control) from University of Guilan in 2018, Rasht, Iran. He is a Member of the Intelligent system and Advance control Laboratory (ISAC Lab) at the University of Guilan. He researched about “Fault tolerant control for positioning pneumatic system under actuator failure” for his master  thesis. also He receives his B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering at University of Guilan in 2015. He worked as supervisor, process control engineer and translator with Siemens and Siempelkamp industrial company for a MDF constructor plant installation and startup. His research interests broadly encompass control theories, reliable and robust control, Fault Tolerant Control Systems, process and system modeling and simulation, industrial control, biomechanics, robotic and biologically-inspired robots.
Amirreza Tootchi’s researches focus on increasing the efficiency, robustness, and versatility of control theories. His current research is focused on developing and compounding Sliding mode control theory with other control methods in order to increase the precision of controller performance while reducing the control activity and energy consumption.



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